Core mission

Artistic freedom is a basic human right, fundamental to democracy and democratic development. But it is a right that is not afforded to all of us. The founding idea of Safemuse is based on and supports the universal principles of human rights, and the promotion of artistic freedom. 

The situation for human rights and artistic freedom is increasingly dramatic. And it concerns all of us. Even in regions we until recently have taken these values for granted, the authorities are now abusing terror laws to censor and silence artists. 

Our responsibility is to fight these tendencies – all around the world.

Every year Freemuse publish the report The State of Artistic Freedom, a wake-up-call documenting the current situation for artistic freedom around the globe. For artists, and musicians especially, the reality is rough. Artists are killed, arrested, imprisoned, detained, attacked, abducted and censored – due to their artistic activities.

Our goal is to give a few of these artists striving with persecution, threats and censorship the opportunity to re-charge and re-activate creative processes in safe surroundings. 

Safemuse puts great effort into tailoring all projects and residencies in close cooperation with the artists involved, securing desired artistic content and perspective. Our aim is to facilitate the right opportunities for artistic work and development, the possibility to collaborate with highly competent local and regional artists within the guest artist’s field, for mutual development and inspiration.

We have the freedom to do this work. That is reason enough to do it.