LIDIO is a record label dedicated to releasing music from artists, musicians and composers experiencing censorship, threats or persecution due to their musical activities.

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Lidio is the not so known middle name of Victor Jara (Víctor Lidio Jara Martínez), the iconic Chilean artist and activist who inspired the Chilean political upraise through the Nueva Canción Chilena (New Chilean Song) movement. He was arrested, tortured and killed shortly after the Chilean coup 11. September 1973. This label is a tribute to Victor Jara and all artistic freedom fighters. LIDIO is a sub label to Grappa Musikkforlag AS, the number one leading independent record company in Norway.

LIDIO will draw inspiration from and show respect to the great work of artists around the globe suffering from the lack of artistic freedom – and show the potential in the art of these artists.


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Cris Gera – Music In Me


December 6th 2019 Cris Gera teamed up with LIDIO to release his new album Nziyo Dziri Mandiri (Music In Me). This afro-pop delight continues to reveal Cris Gera’s passion for social justice & for questions that affects people’s daily life.

His music is reflective of his surroundings and everyday life in his home country of Zimbabwe. The album was recorded in South Africa in 2016. The same year Cris infuriated government supporters with the song Chema Zimbabwe – portraying some of the social and economic issues facing his country. Harassment and death threats forced Cris to take refuge in South Africa, later traveling as an ICORN musician to live and work as an artist in residence in Sweden.

Cris Gera brings up a lot of dark issues in his music, relevant, important ones. It makes you think, but through his vision and his sound, through the music in him, we move towards the light. Gera never saw his song as political, but rather as a grieving of the current state of affairs in his country. He says that he is not a revolutionary, but writes music to the people and his children, about life in Zimbabwe.


Cris Gera: lead vocals
Admire Gatsi: keys and synthesizer
Justin Makweche: keys and synthesizer (Mangwanani, Believe)
Patrick Sita: guitar
Simon Dabi: guitar (Kundinunura)
Praise Nyandimu: backing vocals
Itumeleng Sekhoto: vocals (Mangwanani Sanibonani)
Engineer: Terence Morgan
Master: Audun Strype
Producer: Terence Morgan
Co – producer: Cris Gera

All songs composed and arranged by Cris Gera
Recorded at BlueBlack Productions, Kempton Park, South Africa
All photos by Kaja Crompton Design by Laverne Wyatt



Abazar Hamid – We Need Peace


Sudanese artist Abazar Hamid teamed up with world-class guitarist Knut Reiersrud, who also produced the record and plays guitar on all five tracks. Abazar Hamid was the first safe haven guest artist in the city of Harstad, Norway. When he now releases a collection of songs about peace and freedom – it is the same songs that forced him to flee his country in the first place. Some of them written during his very last days in Sudan. He calls them “a last call for the Sudanese to reconsolidate and make peace instead of war in the country”. The result is a unique, modern sounding Sudanese blues, driven by Hamids warm tone and Reiersruds exceptional guitar.


Abazar Hamid: vocal, guitar
Knut Reiersrud: guitars, dobro
Kenneth Hammer: keyboards
Åsmund Wilter Eriksson: bass
Geir Akselsen: drums

Cris Gera – I Moved On (Single)


Taking a step into the modern pop scene, Cris Gera follows up last year’s politically significant album “Music In Me” with the single “I Moved On”. Cris continues to create uplifting melodies, while telling a hopeful story of love and what comes after.


Cris Gera: vocals and mbira
Johan Pettersson: drums
William Nordlund : guitar
Jesper Rangemo: bass
Viktor Fagerlund: keys
Engineer and producer: Viktor Fagerlund
Mixing and mastering: Gustav Afsahi

Music and lyrics: Cris Gera
Recorded at Dalbackavägen Musik & Produktion
Funded and supported by BD POP and LIDIO/Safemuse

Mai Khôi – Dissent – Chem Gio


Mai Khoi Chem Gio is a trio consisting of Mai Khoi, Quyen Thien Dac and Nguyen Duc Minh. They recorded the album live between 2016 and 2017 during secret performances at Phusa Lab. The resulting work bears the euphoria, courage, failures and threats which characterized this time. As such, it forms the soundtrack to an awakening, replete with heroes, villains, reversals and uneasy resolutions.


Mai Khoi: singer, guitar, goong
Quyen Thien Dac: saxophones
Nguyen Duc Minh: traditonal flute, percussion

Music and lyrics: Mai Khoi
Lyrics on Airdone: Benito del Sur
English lyrics and English vocals on Cuffed in freedom: Anna Högberg
Producer, mixing and mastering: Nguyễn Nhat Lý / Phù Sa Lab Studio, Hanoi

Hamid Sakhizada – Dai Raft


Hamid Sakhizada’s release Dai Raft tells the story of ancient instruments and of traditions about to be forgotten. It is songs about love, happiness and sorrow – both traditional melodies from different parts of the Hazara community as well as Hamid’s own compositions.

The highly-regarded musician from Afghanistan has an all-consuming passion for Hazara traditional music and the two-stringed, long-necked lute known in Afghanistan as dambura. Joining him is an impressive group of musicians, each adding their own interpretation and tradition to the mix: Norwegian/Indian violinist and composer Harpreet Bansal, Norwegian percussionist Birger Mistereggen and Iranian percussionist Kaveh Mahmudiyan.

For many years, the Hazara people saw their culture and art being mocked and suppressed, causing their music to slowly fade away. This album is an attempt to bring old traditions alive through new collaborations, interpretations and expressions with help from an all-star team of musicians, Afghan dambora virtuous Hamid Sakhizada brings the Hazara tradition into the 21st century.


Hamid Sakhizada: vocals and dambura
Harpreet Bansal: violin
Birger Mistereggen: jew’s harp and rope tensioned drum, percussion
Kaveh Mahmudiyan: tombak, daf and bandir
Producer: Bjørn Andor Drage
Sound technician and mix: Fridtjof Lindeman
Mastering engineer: Audun Strype
Music and lyrics: Hamid Sakhizada/trad.

Recorded at Riksscenen – the Norwegian Hub for Traditional Music and Dance
Supported by Fond for utøvende kunstnere, the Norwegian Arts Council and CREO’s Vederlagsfond
Special thanks to CREO and The Norwegian Society of Composers